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one time, lauren punched a kid’s tooth out in kindergarten after he tried to tag her during recess. last year, lauren woke up in her own bed 15 mins before flight takeoff and aggressively willed herself to arrive. no losses.


known as losh, lo, and haemin, lauren binge watches gordon ramsay videos & unconsciously emulates gordon ramsay in real life. you can find her artfully crafting vegan masterpieces (despite the fact she’s 100% not vegan), punching the air to techno in completely inappropriate scenarios, and shopping in the junior boys section at savers.


despite her scorpio ways, lauren wants you to compliment her overnight oats, enjoys game theory with a vengeance, and sees the world in 35mm film reels. 



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meet sea-jay


one time, seajay publicly pooped her pants at age 7 and years later, gave a detailed speech to her entire high school about it. last year, seajay changed a plane ticket mid-rave so she could stay to dance longer. no qualms.


known as rave-jay, soup-jay, and hype-jay, seajay enjoys making others laugh & laughing at her own jokes when completely alone. nothing makes her heart sing more than dogs & babies, german bread, the seaside, an atmosphere of pure chaos, & a well cut statement piece (blazer, chunky sneaker, you name it). 


despite her flying squirrel tendencies, seajay is a meditation aficianado, enjoys old fashioned English lit, and passionately publishes tweets into the void about tech x ethics. 




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